Is an alarm a worthy investment?


I’m often asked by clients if an alarm is worth getting for the discount you get on your home insurance for having one. This question is usually prompted by a flyer or door to door solicitor from an alarm company that home owners are bombarded with usually as soon as they purchase their home. Some will erroneously claim you get a 20% discount on your home insurance to get your business if you get their system, but I don’t know of any carrier that gives that big of a discount for having an alarm. Plus, the discount varies from carrier to carrier so it’s impossible for them to say how much of a discount you will get. I will say though that a burglar alarm is totally worth the investment. Every 15 seconds, a home burglary occurs in the US. Home break ins are unfortunately a very common claim all over metro Atlanta, even in the nicest neighborhoods. I’ve never had a client with an activated alarm have a burglary claim. Researchers at Temple University found that alarms can reduce the chances of your home being burglarized by 66%! Not only is being a victim of a home burglary violating and often times costly to replace stolen items and repair damages, it can also increase your home insurance rates for several years if you file a claim. My family always had an activated home alarm growing up and we luckily never experienced a home burglary, but unfortunately it did happen to neighbors. I’m always shocked at how many people don’t have one. This post actually came to mind because my friends and neighbors a couple houses down from us were victims of a home burglary two weeks ago. I was encouraging them to get an alarm, but obviously I wish I had told them sooner like I try to tell all of my clients.

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There are so many options out there now, not only for alarm monitoring companies, but also system features like cameras, smart phone apps, climate control, key pads, and so much more. The customization options also make it easier to find an alarm for any budget. A basic system is actually very affordable now, not anywhere near as expensive as they use to be 10 years ago. With all the options though, shopping for alarms has become just as overwhelming as shopping for insurance on your own. When I started my most recent search for a new alarm system, I found having to deal with an overly pushy rep from each company to get a quote, most in person, extremely time consuming and obnoxious to be honest. For that reason, I kept putting it off (despite my own advice). When my friend in a local moms’ group one day mentioned that her husband was an alarm system broker for multiple companies, I was instantly intrigued! I had no idea this kind of free service (very similar to what I do with insurance) was even an option. That’s how I found Trey Burdette and I’ve been referring him to clients ever since and they always rave about his services. He shopped companies for me and my specific needs. I knew I’d be moving soon so it was important for me to get a system that could be transferred to a new home. I also wanted a camera I could view through my cell phone and a monitored fire detector. He found me exactly what I wanted in my budget through a reputable alarm monitoring company and got it all set up for me. If I have any issues, I can call his cell phone directly. He services all of metro Atlanta and you can call his cell phone at 678-886-3313 or email him at

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To get your discount on your home insurance for having an alarm, you just need a copy of your alarm certificate. Your alarm company will know exactly what you are talking about and will usually fax or email it directly over to your agent or insurance company for you.

Here are some more helpful tips on how to prevent your home from being a target of burglars: